Senior Smart Contracts Engineer

Web3 and the crypto ecosystem more broadly has historically had a chain centric worldview. We believe this is an outdated framework originating from a perceived scarcity in blockspace due to bundling of credible commitment machines with global consensus.

We believe an ecosystem wide transition towards an account centric worldview will enable the consolidation of an increasingly fragmented user experience.

At OneBalance we are developing a non-custodial account model to provide users with a seamless, account-centric experience. Our model introduces resource locks to accounts on credible commitment machines. OneBalance is a framework for managing these Credible Accounts. Our goal is to provide a missing component of the web3 stack that will help onboard the first billion humans onto crypto. You can learn more about the OneBalance vision here.

The Role

We are seeking a highly capable Senior Smart Contract Engineer to play a crucial role in developing the OneBalance account model and our integrations with the ecosystem. This position requires a blend of deep blockchain knowledge and experience in designing, building and orchestrating smart contract deployments at scale.

We offer a rare opportunity to use your technical skills in an environment at the forefront of new technology while collaborating with some of the most experienced teams in the crypto industry. If you're looking for a challenging and fulfilling role that involves building an exciting product with the latest developments in the Ethereum and crypto, we'd love to hear from you.


London, UK or Remote (±2 hours of London timezone)

What You’ll Do

  • Design and build secure smart contracts that enable the OneBalance non-custodial account model for a chain-abstracted user experience.
  • Design and build the server code to interact with and orchestrate the deployment of these smart contracts as part of the OneBalance backend infrastructure.
  • Be responsible for the security, scale and operational integrity of these smart contracts and the server code that orchestrates them.
  • Breakdown high level requirements into estimated engineering tasks.
  • Mentor and train other team members and teams on smart contract engineering best practices


  • Minimum of 3 years of writing Solidity in a production environment
  • Experience writing Rust server code in a production environment
  • Deep knowledge of ERC-4337 account abstraction standards.
  • Experience writing server code to orchestrate complex smart contract deployment and management.
  • Strong understanding of smart contract security best practices and current industry standards.
  • Demonstrated ability to architect scalable and efficient smart contract systems.
  • Deep knowledge of solver and settlement layer interactions.
  • Strong opinions (loosely held) on current developments in the Ethereum technical roadmap.
  • Passion for contributing to the crypto ecosystem and staying current with its rapid evolution.
  • Self-driven in problem-solving, breaking down ambiguous work, and plotting a course of action.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in fast-paced environments and maintain attention to detail.
  • Experience working in a startup of fewer than 30 people.
  • Ability to lead by example and take responsibility for outcomes.


  • Experience with developing and implementing permissioning models.
  • Experience working with crypto wallets, bridging technologies, and Layer 2 solutions.
  • Experience with zero-knowledge technology and rollup architectures.
  • Contributions to open-source crypto projects.


  • Generous equity allocation.
  • Opportunity to work in a small, high-performance team with no corporate bureaucracy.
  • Semi-regular team off-sites (1-2 per year).
  • Flexible working hours and remote work options.
  • A chance to collaborate with some of the most experienced and reputable individuals/teams in the crypto space.

Frontier Research is committed to diversity and inclusion. We do not discriminate based on race, nationality, gender identity, age, disability, or religion. If you're passionate about blockchain technology and have the expertise we're seeking, we encourage you to apply.

Email: jobs@frontier.tech