Your Personal Invitation to BotFi

Large language models are a transformative change in how humans interface with technology. As AI agents continue to embed themselves into our lives, we will see bot-mediated interactions become the norm. This offers a great opportunity for decentralized finance, which has long been plagues with atrocious user experience.

You stand at the doorstep of the BotFi world, where your every financial goal is seamlessly interpreted and executed by intelligent agents. This isn't just a step forward—it's a leap into a future where DeFi is not only decentralized, but personalized.

Are you ready to take the leap?

The Evolution of Commerce

For all of human history, conversation has been the primary tool for commerce. The advent of computers brought graphical user interfaces as an attempt to scale interaction through simplification. However, no amount of careful button design can capture the nuance of human desires in the way a simple conversation can.

BotFi: The New Paradigm

In DeFi, the user's intent—be it liquidity aggregation, token sniping, chain abstraction, or yield management—has always been the product. But the execution of these intents has been anything but user-friendly. Until now.

In my post about Infinite Games, I introduced the Transaction Supply Network to describe crypto infrastructure as a network of games composed of messages and solvers. Whereas these games are often described as toxic and negative sum, I see them as constructive and positive sum.

The goal of this complex infrastructure is to create better user experiences. In the upcoming year, we will see a new wave of user oriented, solver enabled use cases riding cheap transaction fees on L2s and leveraging novel intent standards.

Enter the era of BotFi: where AI and LLMs act as the ultimate facilitators, aggregating and interpreting complex desires into executable, on-chain actions.


Your Personal BotFi Companion

Today, Alfred is the simplest and fastest way to swap tokens on Ethereum. While it starts as a simple trading bot, akin to existing offerings, Alfred isn’t just another bot—he is your personal companion that harnesses the familiar environment of Telegram to elevate your DeFi experience. In a world where social finance is becoming increasingly central to user experience, Alfred integrates seamlessly into Telegram, offering a convenient and secure wallet service right where conversations happen.

This strategic choice is rooted in our belief that the future of DeFi lies in accessibility and community. By leveraging a platform already used by millions, Alfred provides an intuitive entry point for both seasoned traders and newcomers alike. Our commitment to security and MEV protection remains steadfast, ensuring that Alfred is not only a participant in the DeFi space but a pioneer of it.

We are releasing Alfred as a starting point—a platform that will evolve rapidly through fast iterations, direct user feedback, and the introduction of cutting-edge LLMs. The journey from swapping to a broad range of DeFi interactions is just beginning.

Being early matters, and our loyalty program will reward those who shape the future with us.

Your Invitation

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us. Partner with us to influence the evolution of Alfred, and take part in a movement that’s redefining the DeFi space.

Are you with us?